When carrying out brick restoration works, it is important to follow the guidelines for the historic brickwork restoration. The use of appropriate methods and materials is taken into account.
Cleaning a brickwork is a process of removing algae, moss, fungi and other biological matter, which build up on the brickwork, as a result of the environmental factors.
Every house has its appeal but also needs appropriate treatments. The brick elevation is very durable, but brick joints are the neuralgic points of the structure.
One of the elements of the traditional London brickwork restoration process is tuckpointing.
We provide complete brickwork restoration service, so you can be sure that all stages of the project will be performed by one experienced team. Which is not without significance for the quality of the work.
Correctly carried out the process of removing paint from bricks, removes just a paint, without affecting the surface of the brick in any way. Only then such a process can be called restoration – restoring bricks to the state from before painting.