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Restoring to The Original Patio & Driveway Cleaning

Our Patio and Driveway Cleaning Service is dedicated for removing grime, oil stains, mould and biological matter from patio concrete paving stones, asphalt or concrete driveway, wooden fence and decking.

Paths and driveways around the house are usually concrete, paving stones. Every owner would like it to look like new for a long time. Unfortunately, even just after its laying, white spots may appear on the surface of the concrete. Over time the dust, sand, mud and other dirt become visible. If such soils are not systematically removed, create sediments that not only change the colour of the surface but also facilitate the development of mosses and algae. The type of surface and stains determines which method of cleaning we should use.

Why choose us?

We have specialist equipment that guarantees the desired and long-lasting effect. There is no dirt to difficult to remove for us. We are ready for all your driveway and patio cleaning requirements so you can be sure of the final effect.

picture of patio before cleaning and specialist with sodablasting noozle

Eco-friendly Cleaning Techniques

For effective removal of dirt, we use high-pressure cleaning equipment with a specialised attachment for flat surfaces. On the other hand, to remove sediment and sand, no point stream should be used. Very high pressure can easily damage a substrate. It is much better to wash the sludge and sand with a rotary jet of water with a full stream width. The recommended pressure is 100 to 160 bar. For flat surfaces, we use attachments, that enable quick and effective cleaning.

P&D Cleaning methods

We use a non-chemical, eco-friendly cleaning technology.
We have specialist equipment to perform:

  • high-pressure cleaning
  • low-pressure, high-temperature cleaning
  • dry or wet soda blast cleaning

Which method we will use do depend on the type of substrate, kind of dirt we have to clean or if wet or dry cleaning we should perform.

Types of dirt Algae and Mosses

It appears in damp and shady places, in hollows on surfaces with poorly made foundation. To effectively remove the green coating on the paving stone, we use low-pressure equipment. Then, to avoid a quick recurrence of the problem, we use an eco-friendly steam cleaning, which also kills spores of algae. High temperature do the work, so there is no need to use chemicals, that would soak in and cause the soil contamination.

Oil and Greasy Sooty Dirt

Oil and greasy sooty dirt, engine oil and lubricants stains cannot usually be washed off with high-pressure water jet. You can try to remove it using biodegradable special cleaning agents. The best effects, however, for the removal of greasy stains, gives a high-temperature steam cleaning. For this purpose, we use the DOFF system.

Restoration Restoring to The Original

After each cleaning of the paving stones, the rinsed sand that fills the grout must be replenished. After thorough out washing it may occur, that some of the paving stones are cracked or have a damaged surface. In that case, those should be taken out and replaced with new ones.

Case Studies Our completed projects

picture of partly removed paint from bricks
Case study of brick paint removal and lime mortar repointing restoration of the property in Sidcup.
Case study of pebbledash removal and brickwork restoration of the Victorian house in Hackney.
picture of red brick wall after cleaning and cutting out pointing in bexley
Case study of brick cleaning and lime mortar brick pointing restoration in Bexley.

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