Historic Brickwork Restoration


Brick is a material with soul

The use of lime mortar, which was originally used for building old structures is highly recommended for brick repointing restoration.


Brick cleaning

Brick cleaning is a process of removing all the smudges, dirt and biological matter of the bricks surfaces, without damaging them. Few techniques allow to performing, a no damage, brick cleaning process in London.

Brick repointing

Before the brick repointing restoration of a property begins, a full job survey, have to be performed. The brick pointing restoration process has a point only when the bricks are in good condition. If single bricks are damaged, they can be removed and replaced with matching in shape and colour ones.


Brick Paint Removal

Paint removal brickwork restoration consists of removing all layers of paint, that the brick wall was painted. The process will bring back the natural soft bricks breathing properties and appearance beauty.

Choice of materials

For pointing restoration of brick and stone-built structures in London, built initially using lime mortar, we use a lime mortar mix. Lime mortar has soft and porous properties and provides certain advantages, when working with more delicate building materials, such as soft, historic bricks or natural stone.


Choice of tools

We do have and use only correct tools, to be able to achieve the highest brickwork restoration standards, every time.

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