Brick Repointing

Brick Repointing

Brick repointing is a process of brickwork restoration, that restores and enhances the water resistance and energy performance of bricks and mortar of your property.

Over time, voids in the joints between bricks, allow the undesirable entrance of water caused by weathering and decay. Water entering through these voids can cause significant damage through frost weathering and from salt dissolution and deposition. We have been providing, in accordance with regulations of historic brickwork restoration standards, a brick repointing, brick pointing preparation and lime mortar services. That allows for your property to retain its water resistance and natural beauty through brickwork and stonework.
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Top Quality Brick Repointing Restoration


In the process of renewing the pointing, we recreate joints between bricks for the brick repointing. We do this by firstly forming a neat recess.

Brick Repointing Process

Next, we clean the joints of the remaining dust. Then we start repointing with a chosen type and colour of pointing. For repointing, we use lime mortar. The properties of the lime mortar provide certain advantages when working with soft bricks, natural stone and terracotta. In the restoration of structures originally built using lime mortar, it is not recommended to use the Portland cement.

We specialise in all types of pointing. Most common are:

Weather Struck Pointing

Requires a lot of skills and experience to get the necessary results. In this type of pointing, the mortar is first pressed into raked joints. After that mortar is smoothed to get even surface of the pointing lines. The bottom edge is then neatly trimmed with a sharp knife and straight edge. Thus the joint is finished sloping from the top of the joint to its bottom. This type of pointing will give great resistance to adverse weather.
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Flush Pointing

In this type of pointing, the pressed into the raked joints mortar is finished off flush with the edges of the bricks. This process gives a rough, "old look" appearance. This type of pointing requires a lot of skills and experience to get the necessary results. It is extensively used in brickwork and stone masonry face work.
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Ribbon Cut Pointing

A style similar to weather-struck pointing. While the pressed mortar is still not dry, the top and bottom edges of the joints are cut parallel. Often used to give a regular joint width to irregular brick and stone masonry.
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In this type of pointing, the mortar in colour of the bricks is first pressed into the raked joints. After that, it is flush with the surface of the wall. In stage two lime putty mortar is applied. Then the top and bottom edges of the joints are cut parallel to give a regular width and straight look to irregular brick and stone masonry.
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