Brick Paint Removal

Brick Paint Removal
Our brick paint removal service will let you bring your brickwork back to its original condition. Here at S.J. Pointer, we understand that first impressions count and old paintwork on the outside of the home can affect the look and feel of a property. For removing paint from brickwork in London, we use ThermaTech – a brick and stone superheated water cleaning system. It is a non-chemical, eco-friendly paint removing technology. The temperature of superheated water is high, so it breaks the bond between paint and brick. However, the steam pressure is low, so it causes absolutely no damage to the surface.
picture of a brick restoration contractor removing paint of the bricks using steam
Removing Paint from brick

Painted Brick

The biggest concern is that even the smallest of cracks in your brickwork paint will allow moisture to seep into the brickwork and gradually erode the face of the brick. Progression of the brick erosion makes the restoration process more and more expensive, due to the growing area of repair. Over time, the moisture under the paint can cause damp and mould to appear inside the property. Therefore, removing the paint from brick should be carried out as soon as possible to prevent severe erosion of bricks.

Brick Paint Removal

Through the process of removing paint from brick, you will allow the brickwork to breathe naturally, which will help to reduce the risk of future maintenance costs. By removing paint from bricks and restoring the property to its original, natural appearance, you undoubtedly significantly increase its value. Therefore, the procedure of paint removal from brickwork can be considered to be an investment which pays off in two ways – it allows you to immediately improve the state of your brickwork, and spares you the costs and troubles of restoring it in the future.
Property after brick paint removal restoration in London
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