One of the elements of traditional London brickwork restoration process is tuck pointing. It is employed in historic brickwork restoration for repair, reconstruction and preservation of the original appearance of the walls in London. Tuck pointing is most often required in the preservation of historic buildings by conservators. It is one of the most time-consuming, requiring the most skill and patience, type of pointing.

Execution and Skills

It is very important to use the right mix of mortar for individual phases. In the first phase, spaces between bricks are filled with the mortar of the same color as the color of the bricks. This creates a uniform color and texture of the wall. The shapes of bricks are lost.
tuck pointing london phase one
In the second phase, a line-shaped mortar that forms the image of bricks is applied in a precise manner. Even the smallest shortages of skills and experience will become apparent during final phase of tuck pointing implementation.
Tuck pointing in London restoration - phase two


Tuck pointing allows you to achieve a perfectly even wall effect, even when the bricks are unevenly laid. Time-consuming process, that requires a lot of skills, which results in higher execution costs, consequently results in its less and less frequent use.
tuck pointing london brickwork restoration
We specialise in various types of brick pointing. There is a posibility to restore oryginal type of pointing or to change its shape and colour.