Pebbledash Removal - Case Study

Case study of pebbledash removal and brickwork restoration of a Victorian house in Hackney, London.

Job Specification

Prior to the beginning of removing pebbledash, we performed a full job specification. Sample made revealed that facade was plastered with pebbledash to cover bricks severely damaged by erosion.

Pebbledash Removal

Removing pebbledash confirmed assumptions, as it exposed damaged bricks underneath.

Brickwork Restoration

We had to rebuild 90% of the facade. We have used yellow stock handmade, matching size and colour bricks for replacement.

Brick Pointing Samples

The client wanted to compare different types of brick pointing, so we made samples of lime mortar flush, weather struck and tinted penny roll pointing.

Weather Struck Brick Pointing

The client chose weather struck pointing. What distinguishes this type of pointing is that it will give a high resistance to adverse weather.

Another London property restored to its original appearance and condition by S.J. Pointer Brick Restoration.