Brick Cleaning

Qualifications, over 20 years of experience, and professional brick cleaning equipment, that we have at our disposal, allow us to offer a safe for a cleaned surface and environment, brick cleaning restoration services.

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Brick Cleaning Methods

There are many different brick cleaning methods available. However, not every technique is eco-friendly and safe for a substrate. Unfortunately, there are companies, that use extremely corrosive chemicals and highly abrasive sandblasting. Unlike them, here at S.J. Pointer, we choose to provide a professional and safe brick cleaning restoration services in London.

Steam Brick Cleaning

To perform Steam Brick Cleaning we use the DOFF system. The high temperature of superheated water removes algae, moss, fungi and other biological matter. As the pressure of the steam is very low, so there is absolutely no damage to the substrate. The temperature also kills spores. As a result, there is no need to use chemicals for protection against the further biological activity. The steam cleaning system is also perfect for removing paint from bricks.

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Vortex Brick Cleaning

Most often we use it for cleaning delicate surfaces. For example natural stone, faience or terracotta. This technique uses different fine blasting materials as stone powder, calcite, olevin. Surfaces type determines which blasting material we use.


Can be completed through wet or dry cleaning. Hence this allows us to use this technique inside and outside of the property. Blasting soda is an extremely friable material that undergoes micro fragmentation on impact. It’s literally exploding away surface materials, however, it does not cause any damage to the substrate. We use a soda blasting technique for a masonry restoration cleaning such as dirt and grease cleaning.

sodablasting brick cleaning london service sjpointer

Customer Reviews

Many years of experience has taught us that satisfied customers are the best showcase for our company.

  • Very professional, very reliable and very pleased with the results. Can highly recommend.

    David Shiel

    Great service. Highly recommended.

    Michal Baran

    SJ and the family business are true professionals that carry out their work with pride and attention to detail. He’s... read more

    Jono Holmes
  • Thank you for the amazing work.
    Szczepan from SJ pointing is a very professional man that takes great pride in his... read more

    Bartek Kowalczyk

    We have been using Szczepan and his team for several years now on multitude of residential and commercial projects. Always... read more

    JTW Contractors Ltd

Samples of Our Work

To see more examples of our completed in London, brick cleaning restoration projects, please take a look at our Gallery page.

Samples of Our Work

To see more examples of our completed in London, brick cleaning restoration projects, please take a look at our Gallery page.

Water Resistance Enhancement

To enhance water resistance and energy performance of your masonry, we offer certified Storm Dry protection service. Creating during a process, a colourless, breathable water repellent barrier, increases water resistance of the walls. As a result all year round dry masonry, has its thermal resistance maximised. Moreover, BBA approved Storm Dry’s effectiveness on concrete, mortar, brick, and sandstone, likewise its 25-year durability.

Call us now to see how we can help you with your brick cleaning and brick repointing project in London or surrounding areas.

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