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Brick cleaning and repointing restoration in Tonbridge Wells.

Completed 05.10.2023

Before: Brick cleaning and repointing restoration

The Challenge

Nestled in the heart of Tonbridge Wells, our team was tasked with bringing new life to a stunning building that had seen decades of wear and tear. The property’s once beautiful brickwork had been marred by the effects of time, pollution, and weathering. The mortar joints were crumbling, and the overall appearance of the building had lost its grandeur.

The Restoration Process

 Our journey began with a thorough inspection of the property. We assessed the condition of the brickwork, identified areas of concern, and developed a detailed restoration plan.

In progress: Steam brick cleaning
Brick Cleaning

Years of dirt, grime, and atmospheric pollution had dulled the beauty of the bricks. We used a gentle but effective steam cleaning process to restore the original color and texture of the bricks without causing any damage. The results were astounding, revealing the true character of the property.

The mortar joints were carefully raked out to remove the deteriorated material. We then meticulously replaced it with a traditional lime mortar mix that not only provided structural integrity but also matched the original mortar in terms of color and texture. This process ensured that the building’s historical authenticity was maintained.
In progress: Brick repointing

The Results

The transformation of the property was nothing short of remarkable. The once faded and deteriorated brickwork now radiated with its original luster. The clean lines of the repointed mortar joints brought out the architectural beauty of the entire property looked as though it had stepped right out of a history book.

Another London property was restored to its original appearance and condition by S.J. Pointer Brick Restoration.
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