Historic Brick Restoration

Brick is a material with soul

Every house has its appeal but also needs appropriate treatments.
The brick elevation is very durable, but brick joints are the neuralgic points of the structure.
historic brick restoration before brick cleaning pointing lime mortar repointing london
historic brick restoration property-after brick cleaning rake out pointing-lime mortar repointing london

Brick repointing

Prior to the beginning of the brick repointing restoration of a property, a full job survey, have to be performed. The brick pointing restoration process has a point only when the bricks are in good condition. If single bricks are damaged they can be removed and replaced with matching in shape and colour ones.

Brick cleaning

Brick cleaning is a process of removing all the smudges, dirt and biological matter of the bricks surfaces, without damaging them. There are few techniques, that allow to performing, a no damage, brick cleaning process in London.
  • Steam brick cleaning
  • Vortex brick cleaning
  • Sodablasting brick cleaning
historic brick restoration after brick cleaning lime mortar pointing london
historic brick restoration after-brick paint removal london

Brick Paint Removal

Paint removal brickwork restoration consists of removing of all layers of paint, that the brick wall was painted. The process will bring back the natural soft bricks breathing properties and appearance beauty.

Choice of materials

For pointing restoration of brick and stone-built structures in London, originally built using lime mortar, we use a lime mortar mix, which has soft and porous properties and provides certain advantages, when working with softer building materials, such as soft, historic bricks or natural stone.
historic brick restoration london materials
historic brick restoration london tools

Choice of tools

We do have and use all correct tools available, to be able to achieve the highest aesthetic and technical standards, every time.
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London Brick Cleaning Techniques

london brick cleaning techniques -sj pointer

Brick Cleaning in London by S.J. Pointer

There are several ways that brickwork cleaning restoration can be completed. Here at S.J. Pointer, we opt for the environmentally friendly, non-destructive solutions.

Brick cleaning is a process of removing algae, moss, fungi and other biological matter, which build up on the brickwork, as a result of the environmental factors. As weather damage to bricks is inevitable, using a brick restoration service will allow withstanding the negative environmental effects.

Steam Brick and Stone Cleaning Method

DOFF system is a non-chemical, environmentally friendly, brick and stone cleaning technology.
In this modern method of cleaning, high-temperature steam is used to remove a biological matter and paint. As the Doff System uses super-heated steam, spores are also killed, so there is no need to use chemicals during the removal process or as a protection against the further biological activity.

Absolutely no damage to the surface.

We use the DOFF system to clean surfaces such as brick, stone, concrete, faience, tiled (glazed and encaustic) and terracotta. There is absolutely no damage to the substrate, as the temperature of superheated water is high, the pressure on the surface being cleaned is very low.

Vortex Cleaning Method

is used to clean delicate surfaces. For this technique different fine blasting materials as stone powder, calcite, olevin are used, depending on the different surfaces which have to be treated.
A special part in the nozzle brings compressed air into the rotation, which flows through the nozzle like in a cyclone. The particles of blasting material hit the surfaces with low impact and clean it while they are rotating above it. It is erasing and fine grinding the surface instead of hitting it with high pressure, which saves it from damage. This principle works with different fine blasting materials as stone powder, calcite, olevin etc., depending on the different surfaces which have to be treated. The Vortex Cleaning Method is the gentlest technique to clean delicate surfaces.

Sodablasting Cleaning Method

Sodablasting is a non-destructive method for many applications in cleaning, oil removal, paint varnish stripping, graffiti removal, masonry cleaning restoration. The blasting material particles are blasted against a surface using compressed air. It's so gentle method of cleaning, that is used for teeth cleaning at the dental office.
Described techniques of London Brick Cleaning restoration are performed by S.J. Pointer, who throughout the process, strive to achieve the highest aesthetic and technical standards, requiring the most careful workmanship.

Step-by-step description of old brickwork restoration

brick cleaning pointing london step by step sjpointer
After all necessary tasks are gauged and scheduled, restoration process takes place.

Brick cleaning

is a first step of a process to bring the original appearance, colour and intricate architectural detail of the building or business.

If brick cleaning is needed, environmentally friendly, non-destructive DOFF superheated water cleaning system will be used to remove dirt caused by harsh weather, traffic pollution, general neglect, moss and algae.

Paint removal

If there is a need for old, peeling, discoloured or messy paint to be removed, then DOFF steam, 0% surface damage system will be used. Even the smallest of cracks in your brickwork paint will allow moisture to seep into the brickwork and gradually erode the face of the brick.

Brick repointing

Next step is brick repointing, which restores and enhances the water resistance and energy performance of bricks and mortar of your property.

First phase of this step is to recreate a joints between a bricks for the brick re-pointing, by forming a neat recess. For this operation, angle grinders equipped with diamond blades of the thickness of the joint are used. Angle grinders are also equipped with a heavy duty dust collectors to minimalise dust spreading through the restored and neighbour's properties. Joints are cut carefully and skilfully to avoid damaging bricks.

Next, bricks which are damaged and gauged for replacing are cut out. Bricks same in shape, colour and texture are used for replacing.
Finally when joints are made clean of the remaining dust, then repointing with a chosen type and colour of pointing starts. For repointing lime mortar is used. The soft and porous properties of lime mortar provide certain advantages when working with softer building materials.

The most popular types of brick pointing are:
  • Weather struck pointing (will give a great resistance to adverse weather)
  • Flush pointing (it will give a rough, "old look" appearance)
  • Ribbon cut pointing (will give a regular joint width to irregular brick and stone masonry)
  • Tuck pointing (on the mortar in colour of the bricks, a lime putty mortar is applied and then the top and bottom edges of the joints are cut parallel)
Described way of restoration is performed by S.J. Pointer who throughout the process, strive to achieve the highest aesthetic and technical standards, requiring the most careful workmanship.
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