Brick Paint Removal - Case Study

Case study of brick paint removal and lime mortar pointing restoration in Sidcup.

Job Specification

Before the beginning of removing paint, we performed a full job specification. We made a sample of paint removal to evaluate the condition of the bricks and to choose the right method of removing the paint.

Repointing Preparation

As the job required brick repointing as well, we had raked out old brick pointing, before removing paint.

Brick Paint Removal

Next, we removed paint from bricks using sodablasting cleaning. Accordingly, to brick restoration principles, sodablasting is the most effective method for removing water-based paint.

Lime Mortar Repointing

Then, we started the brick pointing restoration using a lime mortar.

Weather Struck Pointing

The client chose weather struck pointing. What distinguishes this type of pointing is that it will give a high resistance to adverse weather.

Another property restored to its original appearance and condition by S.J. Pointer Brick Restoration.