Brick Cleaning - Case Study

Case study of brick cleaning and lime mortar brick pointing restoration in Bexley.

Brick Cleaning Restoration

As the job required brick repointing as well, we had raked out old brick pointing. Next, we cleaned a brickwork using soda cleaning technology.

After Brick Cleaning

Brickwork is clean and ready for repointing.

Lime Mortar

For brick pointing restoration we use a lime mortar. Accordingly, to brick restoration principles, lime mortar should be used in the repair and restoration of softer building materials such as soft red bricks.

Flush Finish Pointing

From many available types of brick pointing, the client has chosen a flush pointing. What distinguishes this type of pointing is that it gives a rough “old look” appearance.

Another London property restored to its original appearance and condition by S.J. Pointer Brick Restoration.