-Case study-

Tuckpointing in Kew Gardens

Completed 01.10.2020

Case study of brick cleaning and tuckpointing brickwork restoration in Kew Gardens, London
picture of a property before brick cleaning and tuckpointing restoration in Kew Gardens
Property in Kew Gardens before traditional tuckpointing restoration.
picture of a property after brick cleaning and old pointing raked out for repointing restoration
After: Brick cleaning and old pointing rake out.
After: Brick arch tuckpointing restoration

Job Specification

At the beginning of brick restoration work, we secured windows, doors and drainage against dust. Next, we had raked out old brick pointing. Then, we have cleaned brickwork using soda cleaning technology. According to the owner’s choice, we have employed tuckpointing, which is used in historic brickwork restoration for repair, reconstruction and preservation of the original appearance of the walls in London.
Property in Kew Gardens after traditional tuckpointing restoration.
Another London property was restored to its original appearance and condition by S.J. Pointer Brick Restoration.
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